Wholesale Microfiber Mops & Towels Now Available with Bulk Pricing
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We’ve never seen microfiber products at these kinds of prices before. We weren’t even interested in selling microfiber products until we found these – that’s how great they are.

Click here to see our new selection of microfiber mops, towels, handles and frames available in bulk sizes at the best prices on the internet. So yes, these are big boxes. If you’re a small mom and pop store, one box will last you for years to come. For high volume facilities, you are going to save a ton of money this way. These prices are also good enough for international export. So if you’re interested in an international shipping quote, please contact us.

The selection is pretty good: towels, bar towels, glass towels, traditional and disposable mop heads, wet mops, dust mops, and traditional dust mop heads. We also have the frames and handles to go with them. Hope you enjoy!

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